About Me

Ladies and Gentlemen – I am Niels Andersen and this is the story about how I ended up as an internet marketer.

BrillefestDSC_0866I live Denmark, Scandinavia and have done so my entire life. I am a musician and music teacher and have made my living as such for the last 30 years.

As an artist you very easily get caught up in your artistic ideas and visions, and especially as a younger artist you tend to be much more focused on the vision and artistic value than what kind of money you might get out of a certain project. I know this to be true for a great number of my artist friends – be they musicians, painters, sculptors or whatever.

Living as an artist can be a great and giving way to spent your life, but if you never get to a point where your artistic work also start to generate a tangible income – well at some point down the road you start to realize that though art is great, food on the table and retirement money isn’t so bad either.

This was my motivation for starting my research and later this present website on how to make money online. Just as you, right now are researching the topic, I spent a lot of time trying out different models for making an online income – how to start a business online.

It didn’t take me long to fall into the hands of the first few scammers. I bought all sorts of business models and paid for weird stuff that elegedly would make me rich in a very short time. This of course didn’t happen. However – what I did get out of my “how to make money online fast” adventure was a lot of experience.

It is this experience I am trying to share here on FreeLivingAcademy.com. I always believed that it is possible for a newbie, a beginner to learn how to make a legit online income. I found it hard to believe that all the stories of people who have made it big on the internet, had done so through cheating and scamming. This had to mean, that if you look long and hard enough you would eventually find one ore more ways of building a legit online business.

To my joy I am now on that path – and I hope I can give you, dear reader, a bit of guidance and help in your personal online business quest.

Thank you for your interest.

Niels Andersen, Founder of FreeLivingAcademy.com