How to become a copywriter with no experience

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As promised I’ll introduce you to a copywriting bureau that’s one of the biggest players on the marked. In a moment..

But before I do that – let me just drop an idea on you.

Since I made the video that you just watched I have taken the value of my own copywriting to a whole new level. More money – less work! – and I would like to share this with you.

Let me explain..

Now, if you choose to write copy for other people – for example utilizing a bureau like the one I’ll introduce you to – you get paid once for every piece of copy you deliver, right?

I mean, you get an assignment like: “Write 300 words about the value of buying a pillow with goose feathers”. You do the research. You write the copy. You send the copy to your customer and get paid.

You get paid just once for this assignment, right?

This means, that if you want to make a consistent income from this kind of traditional copywriting, you need to put in consistent hours. If you want to make a living, you will need to work the same kind of hours as with an ordinary nine to five job.

Well, how would you like it if you could get paid over and over again for the same piece of copy – for years?? Put in the hours on one piece of high quality copy just once – and then get paid for this piece of copy repeatedly.

Sounds good, right? But how?

Okay. If you are a copywriter – or aspire to be one – you will have the skills of researching a certain product or service and then write some captivating words about it.

This is what your customer wants from you. Tell a good story about a product, a service, a company or whatever. Get the readers of your copy interested in knowing more – or buying.

You will be doing your very best to promote somebody else’s business, product or service.

But here’s the thing – what if you put in that same quality effort on promoting your own product or service? What if you invested your quality work in your own business?

Now, don’t get scared by this idea – please hear me out!

We already agreed that you have the ability to research a product and promote this product through your copywriting.

What if I were to tell you that you can become an affiliate of the very products you are writing copy about!

What does affiliate mean? It means, that you can promote a certain product through your own unique affiliate link and get a commission every time someone buys the product! The product owner agrees to give you a commission when you sell his product.

This in turn means, that if you were to use your quality copy on your own homepage – instead of sending it to your copywrite customer – your piece of copy would now be working for you!

When someone reads your fantastic copy about the product – and this someone choses to buy the product from your page – you get a commission from the product owner.

This one piece of high quality copy, that you have researched and spend hours on creating – now it is working for you. And every time someone chooses to buy because of your brilliant copy – well you get paid a commission!

You see? Instead of getting paid just once for your piece of copy – you will get paid over and over again.

And there’s more! Since you have the skills to research and write about a topic, there is nothing holding you back from creating your very own digital product. A product that you own and that is yours to sell.

What kind of product could you create? Create something within your field of interest. A course. A how-to series. Heck – make a course on how to write better copy!

However – it will probably take you some time to create your own product – so start as an affiliate for one or more products or services you are interested in.

There you have it – this is what I have done. Now please understand – I am not saying that this is done with a snap of your fingers. There will be work involved. But the long-time payout is much better.

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So there you have it people – would you like to learn how to make your copy work for you – then get the report and learn.

If this is not for you – that’s totally all right – as promised I will introduce you to the copywriting bureau.

The bureau is called Writing Jobs Online and you can find their homepage and more information HERE

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