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I am like most artists: I’m good at writing and producing my songs. I’m good at concentrating on this process – I get things done.

However – I have never been good at promoting and selling my stuff. I guess I used to think that if a song was great – it would sell itself. Did you ever think this?

Well, somewhere inside me a voice kept telling me that this isn’t the whole truth. No matter how good your music is – if no one knows about it – well, it will never sell.

Now, I don’t have a record deal. If I had, I know the record company would spend 90% of the budget on advertising and promoting – that’s what they do so well.

But here’s the golden trick for any indie artist – build yourself a sales funnel. Once you have set up this contraption it requires very little maintenance – and it will increase both sales and awareness of your music.

So, what is a sales funnel? I know, to an artist, the word “sales” sounds both a bit scary and appealing at the same time. But listen up guys – don’t be scared. It is totally legit and a must-have for your indie business.

Basically this is how it works:

You set up a page where people can sign up to your email list. Most people will need a little enticement to sign up – so you give them some kind of a free gift when they sign up. Maybe one of your older songs for free?

Once they have signed up you can send them directly to a page with a special money off offer only for email list members – give them 20% off of your latest album – or make a combined offer: “Buy my latest album and get this never-heard-track for free!”

More importantly – you should now start to build a rock-solid relationship with your email list. Remember – people don’t just buy music because it sounds nice – they buy because they relate to the artist and the story of the artist.

This means that you should start sending out regular email updates on what you are working on, how your life as an artist is evolving, new upcoming projects – let your list feel special – give them a virtual backstage pass – make them feel part of your process.

If you achieve such a relationship with your list – they are much more likely to buy from you and help you share your content. Because they know you – because they feel part of your creative process.

This is what I have done – and it works – period.

And by the way. Writing a newsletter to your list every fourteen days doesn’t even feel like work. I feels more like therapy and at the same time works as a log on your work and progress. Something you will appreciate reading yourself years from now.

Alright guys – would you like me to show you in detail how to set up your own music sales funnel?

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