Help Me

set a world record!

So here I am. Niels from Denmark. Just turned 54 and the clock is ticking louder every day. What have I really accomplished? Don’t get me wrong. I have a great life – wife, kids, house – the lot. But man, can you get bored with the treadmill day in and day out.

I am sure you don’t even have to be my age to sometimes feel the urge to do something completely crazy. Something to make you feel alive, get a thrill, right? Some people start climbing mountains with their bare hands. Others learn to free-dive. Not my cup of tea.

So what kinda madness could I invent for myself? I’ll tell you. I am gonna set a world record – and you are going to help me!

Now, before you get your expectations way up there – I am not going to do anything that will remotely involve bodily harm to myself – sorry guys. There’s not much action involved in this record attempt. It’s all done online. But nevertheless I am sure it will give me the thrills.

Why should you help me? Because you are a nice person and because you want to be able to brag just a little about how you were a vital piece of the puzzle that made up this world record. And just to make sure you feel this way – I have also set up a cash prize that any participant have the chance of winning 😉

It is absolutely, completely, utterly, totally free to participate. All you have to do is donate a few minutes of your time – and you’re in. You can, if you chose to, increase your chances of winning the prize by donating more of your time – but that’s entirely up to you.

There you have it guys. Are you in? How often are you invited to be a part of a world record? Do not miss this opportunity of unprecedented fame (and the chance of a little bit of fortune). Get your place in history now. Become a part of the VIP tribe that set a world record.

Yeah – right – I get a little carried away. But anyways – if you want more information just hit the button and I’ll see you over at the home page.

Thanks for reading and peace to you all. Niels.


Yoh – Welcome – So happy to see you – Can’t do this without you – Glad to have you onboard

So – The world record – actually I am going to attempt to set two world records. But there’s a problem (Enter Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear). Only one of them are measurable.

The one not measurable is – well not as much a world record as it is a long lost standard on the internet – honesty and transparency. What on earth am I talking about? Well – patience people – I’ll get to this in a moment.

A few years back I came to the decision that I wanted to, at least, supply my income by doing business on the internet. Now – I had never tried this before and had no idea of what I was getting into. I have been a music teacher and a musician for the greater part of my life. Although these activities have always provided food on the table they have not been profitable enough for me to set aside much in the bank for a party-like old age. To put it in plain english – I need a new way of making money to give me a bearable retirement.

Well – I set off trying to learn this new trade of making money on the internet. And I am telling you guys – it’s not just snapping your fingers and you’re there. Although my endeavors are starting to bring in some money – well – to be honest – it’s hasn’t really taken off yet.

All right – what has this story got to do with setting a world record? I will tell you – if you promise to listen carefully! If I should take one sentence away from everything I have learned about making money on the internet it is this: “The money is in the list” Allow me to explain. Of all the things you can spend time on, trying to build your internet business, the undisputed winner is your email list. Your list of people who have actively said “Yes thank you – I would like to hear more about what you have to say” – or teach – or sell – or preach – or whatever.

I then went ahead and started collecting email addresses from people who thought, that what I have to say would bring more value into their life and business. But the thing is – it takes a lot of time and money to build a list – to establish a tribe of good people that trust you and accepts you for the person you are.

Well – another thing I learned, studying internet marketing was this: “You’ve gotta think out of the box – you’ve gotta create your own thing – don’t do what everybody else is doing – this is the only real way you will stand out and get anywhere with your business – you have got to deliver something that no-one else will deliver” Hmmm – easier said than done – right?

(A side-note. I am writing this from my home computer – it’s around midnight – and I am listening to the coolest Bossa Nova on internet radio – life is sweet right now –  I love smooth bossa – yeah)

Now – back to my unmeasurable record. If you, like I, have tried to learn how to make somekind of income on the internet you have without any doubt come across a countless number of sites that promises to teach you everything there is to know if you just pay them $3, or $11, or $117, or $997. And how many times have you paid these people? And how many times have you been disappointed?

Well – I for one have had it. Promises, promises but poor content. Scumbags the lot – well – not all of them 😉

Which brings me back to the subject of honesty and transparency.

I could have chosen to disguise this as just a record attempt for the sake of the attempt and shout out things like: “Yeah – come on people we can do this – it will be great fun – join me in becoming world famous” and so on. Well, actually I will be shouting these kinda things – but there’s more to it than that.

Firstly – you are welcome to join my World Record email list just to support the record attempt and try to win the cash price – I thank you for that!

But it would bring me greater joy and intensify my thrills if you would also join because you are just a little interested in hearing more about my views, accomplishments, recommendations etc. on the subjects of internet marketing, groovy lifestyle and internet ethics. I would love it if you were to join mainly for this reason. 

To cut to the bone: There are two agendas with this record attempt:

There you have it. I have been totally honest with you. How was it for you. Well – I feel good (James Brown). What it all comes down to now is wether you will punish me for my honesty (give me the finger and leave this page) – or if you will reward the honesty and sign up for the world record attempt. It’s up to you!

Oh yes – the cash prize. Well if I had the money I would give a cruise around the world to the winner. Unfortunately my bank account does not agree with this. So – this will be a sweepstake on a budget. I will give $200 as a cash prize to the winner.


The World Record Attempt

“Most people to join an email list in 30 days”

What is it and how does it work?

The title of the world record is “Most people to join an email list in 30 days”

The list will start from zero subscribers and the number of subscribers at the end of a 30 day period will be the record.

To join and support the record you have to enter your name and email address below.

You will receive an email where you have to confirm your subscription – you must confirm to participate

When you enter you automatically get one lot in the sweepstake with the chance of winning the cash prize of $200

When you have entered you will be given the opportunity to increase your winning chances by promoting the World Record Attempt. With every 3 new subscribers you bring to the email list you get 10 more lots in the sweepstake, thereby increasing your own chances of winning the cash prize. There is no limit to how many subscribers each participant can bring to the list. Bring in a lot and you greatly increase your winning chances.

When the 30 day period is over a winner will be drawn by a computer. This winner will receive the cash prize of $200.