Detox – Top 5 Tips

Today’s post is 5 healthy detox tips.

By Annie Lawless – Moderated by FreeLivingAcademy

I think there’s this big misconception that if you have been bad, if you have been eating bad for a few days, you have to do these crazy things to overhaul and like reset your body – to detox.

Our body is such an effective detoxifying mechanism on its own and all we need to do is nourish it and give it sleep give it water and a few other things that really help it do its job.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a few days I’m eating a lot more sugar than normal and drinking a lot more alcohol than normal.

This post is really just telling you my way and my tips on things that I like to do when I’m feeling like I just need a recharge

Tip #1 – Drink more water

Our bodies are made up primarily of water. It is 70% water. A lot of us don’t realize that we don’t drink a lot of water. A lot of things that we drink or actually dehydrating.

My biggest issue is coffee because I find myself reaching for coffee in the morning and then that might replace having water with my breakfast.

For me water is one of those things that kind of slipped my mind but I totally see it in my skin. I notice that it is a lot more dry. I put on make up and see a lot more dry patches.

I also noticed that I feel more tired but then I drink a lot more water and I have noticed that I just feel revitalized.

When you drink a lot of water you’re flushing out toxins from the kidneys, the liver and the lungs.

One thing I’ve learned to do, because I do struggle with drinking enough water, is to find other ways to get it that are more exciting than plain water. I’ll add a lot of citrus like a squeeze of fresh orange juice or lemon juice.

I also love to do herbal teas which gives me a really delicious ways to drink water all day long without feeling like like you have to drink more water.

Tip #2 – Get sweating

The next thing that is pretty easy to, do but a lot of us just don’t do it, is detox by sweating. By sweating you’re releasing, through the skin, a lot of toxins that otherwise get trapped in the skin resulting in acne, results in rashes and all sorts of skin things that we don’t realize are just related to toxins being stuck in our skin.

You can break up a sweat by just running outside for 15 minutes or going on a brisk walk. We all have lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is the body’s number one sewage system. It really processes toxins and your lymph nodes are filled with fluid and toxins in the fluid. If we don’t let those out of our body they stay on our body. So sweating is just such a beneficial way to detox

Tip #3 – Oxygen

Oxygen is actually a nutrient in a lot of ways. It’s super duper nourishing on the body and we don’t think of it like that. But you can go months without food and days without water.

You can’t go more than two minutes without oxygen. Taking in enough oxygen actually creates more white blood cells. It helps you focus more.

So there’s a lot of amazing benefits to breathing that I think a lot of us don’t realize or think about because we take breathing for granted. We do it all day long.

One thing for me that I really really noticed is beneficial is meditating or just taking some time in the morning to sit down and really take some deep full breaths.

That is just a really good way to bring your Consciousness and awareness into your breathing and notice how shallow you might be breathing during the day. Or when you get stressed or anxious or moving fast.

But taking deep breaths really helps you take in oxygen to oxygenate your cells and your blood and excrete carbon dioxide.

Tip #4 – Eat more green

The next step is including more greens in your diet. Whether you’re a juicer or making big salads just making sure that you’re getting more greens into your diet.

Firstly it will help you avoid all the other things you’ve been filling your diet with it which is the reason you feel like you need a reboot.

Secondly it’s really going to help your intestinal lining have healthy bacteria and fiber which is our body’s way of excreting waste. It’s not the most pleasant topic, but if you’re not eating enough fiber you’re not able to eliminate properly and that’s actually a big hindrance to detoxification.

It’s just a really good thing for alkalizing your body increasing your pH to alkaline state. Flooding your body with vital nutrients, enzymes, chlorophyll and all sorts of nutrients and vitamins that we might be laughing at when we haven’t been eating super green.


Tip #5 – Think positively

My last but most important tip is to think positively. Positive thoughts affect you on such a physiological level. It affects your brain chemistry, it affects your motivation.

If you’re depressed or your negative or feeling down and beating yourself up – positive thinking is so detrimental to getting on the right track.

I think that being kind to yourself and surround yourself with positive people and really just seeing the bright side of life helps you be your best self.

Thinking positive everyday is a commitment and it’s a decision that we all have to make.


So – that’s it. Those are my top 5 detox tips when I just feel like I need a total reboot.

It’s really just about making smart choices every day that you feel good about and treating your body well. We’re not all going to be perfect all the time. There’s no point beating yourself up but there’s definitely ways to get back on track in a way that feels approachable and attainable for you.


Thanks, Annie

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