The money is in the ??



Every internet marketer from the greenest newbie to the seasoned full-time-income entrepreneur should know how to complete this sentence. If you don’t know – well then I promise to reveal this “secret” in a moment.

I have been a teacher for more than 30 years so I know the value of keeping my pupils in a state of mild suspense – I mean – you have to read on, right? You have to know if your answer is correct 😉

So, now that I have your attention let me share a story – I promise it will be brief.

There once was an old(er) teacher (guess who) who decided to learn how to make an additional income as an internet marketer. So he started reading everything he could find about the subject on the internet. He even got lured into buying more than a few cheap products on the subject. Sadly the products seldom delivered on their promises. As a matter of fact it seemed that some of the products where made more with the purpose of making the seller money and not so much to help people.

The teacher was quite sad to find out that not all people on the internet have high moral standards. He actually got so sad that he made a promise to himself: “In my online business I will stick to the truth and never sell or promote crappy stuff”.

Well, eventually the teacher learned the basics of internet marketing. He saw that especially one sentence seemed to re-appear everywhere he looked: “The money is in the list”. I seemed that everybody agree that in order to build a stabil and solid online income – you need to have your own list of email-subscribers. People who are interested in the things you are teaching or selling. This way you won’t have to rely heavy on the ever-changing winds at giants like Google and Facebook. You will always have a direct line to your tribe.

So the teacher started collecting email leads using every skill he had acquired on how to build an email list. He paid for advertising and gave away exiting presents to whomever wanted to sign up to his list. And the list grew surely – but slowly. Actually the teachers list grew at such a slow and expensive rate that the teacher started to wonder: “There has to be a smarter, faster and cheaper way to do this!?”

Once again the teacher started digging on the internet. This time on a quest to find someone, something – anything that would help him speed up his list building – something that would not take up more of his precious time – something that would produce more leads without costing more advertising money.

Even in your wildest dreams you will never guess what he found……

– but if you want to know, you are more than welcome to read on. Just click here to go to the page where the story continues and unbelievable paths of greatness awaits you (well – okay – I got a little carried away there…)

Thank you for your interest,

Peace to all. See You, Niels..

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