All right, students. Welcome back to class.

 Glad to see that your curiosity still is greater than your general laziness 😉



So – what did the teacher (me) find on the internet that got him so exited.

What on earth was it that so greatly helped him in his efforts to build an email list fast and cheap?

Well, normally when you build your email list you can use several approaches. One approach is to pay for an ad in your niche on Facebook or Google.

This ad will intrigue the reader and maybe promise a free gift if the reader clicks on the ad and goes to your website/blog/landing page. The reader clicks on the ad, goes to your page and is asked to enter his email-address in return for the free gift.

When this sequence is over the visitor has gotten his free gift and you now have a new subscriber on your email list.

That’s it. Sequence over.

This, in simple math and best case scenario, means that:

one person – equals – one click on your ad – equals – one new subscriber to your list.

You get one new subscriber per paid click – and that’s it!

This way list building can get quite expensive quite fast.

So here’s the trick.

What if you could make your new subscriber work for you and help you build your list – for free?

What if your new subscriber happily would bring in 5 new subscribers to your list – free of charge?

And what if these 5 new subscribers each also would help bring in 5 new subscribers to your list – totally free?

Now do the math!

You pay to get one new subscriber. This subscriber brings in 5 new subscribers. These 5 new subscribers each bring in 5 x 5 new subscribers. These 25 each bring in 25 x 5 new subscribers. These 125 bring in 125 x 5 new subscribers. These 625 brings in 625 x 5 new subscribers. These 3125 brings in 3125 x 5 new……….. Well – you get the picture.

– and that’s what the teacher found.

An ingenious piece of cloud based software that will perform this list building for you – on autopilot!


Now, I ‘m telling you guys – it takes a lot to get me exited – but this thing is for real.

So, my precious students – would you like me to show you this magic gadget? Would you like me to introduce you to the highly intelligent guy who constructed this beauty?

Of course you would.

Fine. But then you already know what you have to do – hand over your name and email address and join my tribe of happy entrepreneurs.

As always – you can unsubscribe at anytime – but why should you – the teacher brings you the good and profound stuff, right?

There you have it. As soon as you hit “sign up now” I will reveal the wonder-machine and it’s maker to you – okay – deal? Let’s do it kids!!

Class dismissed. Thank you for your attention. Go out and do some good in the world.

Peace to all.

Niels / Free Living Academy

Yeah man – Show me the list building wonder machine and it’s maker!

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